MOM PROBLEMS #03122019:

RAISING MAXIMUS TESLA EDISON Tonight, we had an electrifying experience being parents to an ever-curious, scientifically-fascinated 8 year old. While watching TV in his sister’s room and reading his latest Wimpy Kid installment, Max got the “bright idea” to remove the LED light bulb from his reading lamp, and repeatedly toss a dime. He said […]

Oh, The Places You’ll Go…In a Book

End of year teacher thank you’s are something I love to make, but often struggle with during the process. It’s important to me to capture something unique for each of these wonderful people transforming my little minions into enlightened learners. I got to know our school librarians a lot this year, after school, working on […]

Mom Problems #08212014: PICASSO OF WEE

Mya Bella, Picasso of Wee It was a picturesque night at the Arroyo Household. The kids were all snuggle-y and content in their pjs, smelling like the most delicious organic tea tree kid shampoo. The telly was playing “Monsters, Inc.” for at least the millionth time (since Sunday), and the second time since nap-time. The […]

MOM PROBLEMS #08042017:

Friday’s Case of the “Smurfettes” Have you ever caught yourself saying, “Oh, it’s just a case of the Mondays?” Well, in our house, it’s often “just a case of the ______!” (Insert any day of the week, here.) It happened to me, today. The utter chaos that ensues the minute we wake and realize it’s […]

MOM PROBLEMS #08022017:

The Case of the Bad Fairy, File No. 101 Far East EP: BOLO. Please be advised. MC911 has been receiving tips that the notorious "stick figure," aka Crayola Gang, operating out of the elementary school nearby, might be to blame for a recent round of vandalism. As we speak, officers are scoping the scene for […]

MOM PROBLEMS #06112017:

THE BIRDS, BEES, ALIENS, AND SHIP After a very challenging parenting week, you realize that the kids really CANNOT hear you, yet hear a whole host of other wonderful things, from other adults, kids, and tv.    “Mom, you know when you was little, and I was an alien, and you grew up, and sh*t […]

MOM PROBLEMS #06082017:

WHEN ADJUSTING TO THE FIRST WEEK OF SUMMER BREAK RESEMBLES 80’S FILMS… Everyone knows classic excuses like “the dog ate my homework,” but how about this one?  “I’m sorry I’m late for my 9:15, but my son is projectile vomiting across the hall in your women’s restroom. I’m also sorry I’m going to be even […]

MOM PROBLEMS #06052017

SEVEN GOING ON THIRTEEN When you ask your newly graduated first grader, what they did on the first morning of summer camp, and you get a VERY DIFFERENT ANSWER from last summer… Mom: Max, what did you do today at summer camp? Did you have any fun, or meet any friends?  Max: I wrote a […]


We crafty moms have an affinity for supplies. Anything and everything can sometimes be found in our stash, and the collection, which is nothing shy of a hoarders episode on reality tv, really can consume where you do your art. Storage can become an issue, and while I am constantly on top of my latest […]


We’ve all been there. We, the moms of 24/7 motherhood. A long day, turns into a rough week, on top of a long month, accumulating together with the last “you can’t remember how long, but it’s been eons” amount of years.  (Duh. Seven. It’s been seven years, the age of your oldest child. What kind […]

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