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MOM PROBLEMS #06112017:

THE BIRDS, BEES, ALIENS, AND SHIP After a very challenging parenting week, you realize that the kids really CANNOT hear you, yet hear a whole host of other wonderful things, from other adults, kids, and tv.    “Mom, you know when you was little, and I was an alien, and you grew up, and sh*t […]

MOM PROBLEMS #06082017:

WHEN ADJUSTING TO THE FIRST WEEK OF SUMMER BREAK RESEMBLES 80’S FILMS… Everyone knows classic excuses like “the dog ate my homework,” but how about this one?  “I’m sorry I’m late for my 9:15, but my son is projectile vomiting across the hall in your women’s restroom. I’m also sorry I’m going to be even […]

MOM PROBLEMS #06052017

SEVEN GOING ON THIRTEEN When you ask your newly graduated first grader, what they did on the first morning of summer camp, and you get a VERY DIFFERENT ANSWER from last summer… Mom: Max, what did you do today at summer camp? Did you have any fun, or meet any friends?  Max: I wrote a […]


We crafty moms have an affinity for supplies. Anything and everything can sometimes be found in our stash, and the collection, which is nothing shy of a hoarders episode on reality tv, really can consume where you do your art. Storage can become an issue, and while I am constantly on top of my latest […]


We’ve all been there. We, the moms of 24/7 motherhood. A long day, turns into a rough week, on top of a long month, accumulating together with the last “you can’t remember how long, but it’s been eons” amount of years.  (Duh. Seven. It’s been seven years, the age of your oldest child. What kind […]

MOM PROBLEMS #04172017

MISS ATTITUDE STUBBORN-PANTS What it’s like trying to do kindergarten homework with Miss Attitude Stubborn-Pants. She laughed hysterically, drawing her STRAIGHT HAIR… If she gets bonus points for creativity, maybe they’ll make up for the fact that her drawing isn’t an accurate representation to her sentence.  “I have curly hair.” — Miss Mya, age 5 […]


The single worst motherhood decision I’ve made this year to date: making my kids homemade soft pretzels from this kit. Omg…if you love to bake and follow nit-picky directions on a clock, this kit is for you!! If you do not like to make complex baking recipes, just light your $4 on fire, if you’ve […]


MAKING SOMETHING UNIQUE WITH LEFTOVERS… Possibly the only thing I enjoy about “mom level” family cooking: unique meal ideas. Before being a mom, I never cooked like this. Now, I almost find it a challenge to use up every “exotic” leftover. Today’s challenge: yesterday’s leftovers, made from cookout leftovers, into something we will not actually […]


SUPER SIMPLE BICYCLE BASKETS If you are a mom who hates carrying everything your kids NEED to the park, make them simple tote baskets! Washable, personalizable, simple, fun, and soooooo helpful, these totes are a great alternative to the expensive plastic baskets available at your local store, and take under an hour to make. EXTRA BONUS: they only […]



NEED AN ELF LETTER FOR YOUR HOUSE? I made my own version of these letters, for good or bad behavior, and can gladly email you a pdf file with your elf’s name! To get the personalized letters: 1.)  Become a fan of Mama Chickpea, by clicking “Like” or “follow” on our social media sites, including […]

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