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Possibly the only thing I enjoy about “mom level” family cooking: unique meal ideas. Before being a mom, I never cooked like this. Now, I almost find it a challenge to use up every “exotic” leftover. 

Today’s challenge: yesterday’s leftovers, made from cookout leftovers, into something we will not actually call leftovers. Task accepted!! 

Yesterday, I ground the leftover hamburgers from our cookout, along with what was left of the veggie tray, to make sauce to go with veggie based penne pasta. It was amazing and uniquely fresh

Today, I made the most killer calzone pie, by taking pre-made pizza crust, adding those meat penne leftovers with some spices, ricotta, mozzarella, and remaining leftover pizza sauce from the fridge. 

Not to float my boat, but it’s amazingAnd, it’s full of real vegetables, I actually chopped, as well as vegetable claims from the packaged ingredients. 

Score one for being terrific at at least one “mom” skill. Hope I inspired you to think outside the grocery aisle box!


Shelly, aka Mama Pea

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