MOM PROBLEMS #04172017


What it’s like trying to do kindergarten homework with Miss Attitude Stubborn-Pants. She laughed hysterically, drawing her STRAIGHT HAIR

If she gets bonus points for creativity, maybe they’ll make up for the fact that her drawing isn’t an accurate representation to her sentence

I have curly hair.” — Miss Mya, age 5 years. 


Shelly Arroyo, aka SuperMom & Mama Chickpea

When she’s not doing kinder homework or making yet another cheese sandwich cut into finger shapes, she loves doing crafts with her kiddos, shopping Pinterest for new things she’ll never have time to try, playing cars with Barbies, building Legos, and cuddling with her minions. Like any 24/7 mom, she cherishes her brief gym time, and her daily shower in peace, while the kiddos are at school.

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