MOM PROBLEMS #06112017:


After a very challenging parenting week, you realize that the kids really CANNOT hear you, yet hear a whole host of other wonderful things, from other adults, kids, and tv. 


“Mom, you know when you was little, and I was an alien, and you grew up, and sh*t me out your butt?”  


Yep. That’s a fun one to tackle. She swears she’s saying “ship.” I do not hear ship. My “context clues” (thank you first grade homework for allowing the refresher course last month) lead me to believe she’s being crafty to not get into trouble, and changing her word choice as needed. 


Also, no matter what I say, she insists this is the way it happens. (Outer space must be why my sushi gave me a tummy ache last night.) She even got excited seeing a Netflix kids’ puppy show and a brief blirp of a mama puppy “shipping” out her baby aliens. 


There are many other fun asides from this Mya doozie. Max immediately hollers, “Mom, Mya said ‘sh*t,’ again!” (Huge parenting win in getting that word off the kiddo word list.) Followed by other fun seven year old wisdom: “Mya, you aren’t an alien! Moms poop out baby people, and dogs poop baby puppies. Lucy will poop baby puppies when she gets older.” 



Mom’s headed back to her timeout closet


Shelly Arroyo, aka SuperMom & Mama Chickpea 


When she’s not doing kinder homework or making yet another cheese sandwich cut into finger shapes, she loves doing crafts with her kiddos, shopping Pinterest for new things she’ll never have time to try, playing cars with Barbies, building Legos, and cuddling with her minions. Like any 24/7 mom, she cherishes her brief gym time, and her daily shower in peace, while the kiddos are at school.


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