Kitchen Mouse Illustration Mock-Up
Kitchen Mouse Illustration Mock-Up
  • SKILLS: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator
  • FOCUS: Illustration, Design
  • CLIENT: GRA101 Basic Design & Color Theory
  • CONTACT: Professor William Kirtley
  • PROJECT DATE: 2021
  • PROJECT URL: n/a




Kitchen Mouse was a nickname Mama Chickpea called herself when her children were really young. It was a nickname built off a joke about her ability to work mostly at night, when the kiddos were asleep. She also worked mostly out of her kitchen island, which is true to this day.

The project scope Kitchen Mouse Graphics Digital Illustration required a collage of various elements to be assembled in Adobe Photoshop. It was made using quotes & various snippets of original & photoshopped artwork. The premise around the imagery was a kitchen island full of creativity, surrounded by the storm of life known as motherhood. Circular words chanting “The Wheels on the Bus” lyrics surround the busy mother’s silhouette. A young son and daughter repeatedly run around the island, offering continual activity to the image & realistic ideas to the sound & chaos of the room. These lyrical words were refined & adjusted, using the warp text tool, layers, opacity, & general layer edits, unique to each layer placement around the central image of the mother. Various artworks created by Kitchen Mouse are displayed throughout the room & unique 2D mouse illustrations offer magical help & humor, while adding a different texture to the overall collage. A complementary color palette focused on yellows, oranges, and blues, while a monochromatic grayscale was used for the 2D illustrations & silhouettes. Larger typed words or letters can be seen for emphasis or clever placement to set the continually moving & over-stimulated tone for the design.


Kitchen Mouse Il;lustration Project Moodboard